Monday, March 7, 2011

Feast Your Eyes on The Dining Room

Ah the dining room, with the lack of windows, weird, ugly shelves and linoleum floors. Whatever will we do with the thing?
So here's where I did all of my figuring. A) The room is already dark, we're not going to get any natural light because there is no where for it to come from. B) We need more closets C)Those shelves. God help me, those shelves.
Here's how we decided to break down what the shelves would be used for. (Note my lack of photoshop skills. Also, my lack of photoshop.)
1) Random "hall closety" type stuff (board games, tools, cleaning supplies, etc.)
2) Pantry
3) Girl Scout Cookies
4)Hunky Husband being all hunky (but he's not getting stored there, he's just attaching the hardware)

Tada! Beautiful dark purple drapes. They add wonderful, warm depth, turn the shelves into a closet (!!!) and because it's floor to ceiling it gives the same effect of paint while not actually painting anything. 
I'm absolutely in love with it, and did I mention this brings my closet count up to two? TWO!! IT'S A MIRACLE!
I need a nice table runner and a slightly more appropriate centerpiece, but man this feels good.
However...not the easiest room to photograph...

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  1. Looks very cute-wish you were around to help me play in my house! Miss you guys!