Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rental Sweet Rental

Ah, the beginning. Or, the start of a new chapter. Or maybe picking up where we left off, or...whatever cliche is needed to indicate something new.
My husband and I (here by referred to as Jeff and Sarah) have just moved from our lovely and highly affordable home in Charleston, SC to a very tiny, very expensive apartment just outside of DC in Old Town Alexandria. It's not that this particular apartment is particularly expensive, but rather, DC is one of the 10 most expensive cities to live in. So, we checked our priorities and decided to suck it up and move into a small apartment in an area that we absolutely love.
Our new digs have some major upsides. It's an old mansion that's been divided into several apartments. Original hard wood floors from the 1850's, chandeliers, fireplace, backyard, 18 foot ceilings. Oh, and some old friends from Charleston live in the apartment above us. She's really a beauty.
But then there are the down sides. Most notably, the one closet. One. Not even a pantry, just one closet in the bed room. There are also some unfortunate design add ons and some things that can use a little creativity to make this rental a sweet home.

Here's a floor plan to make sense of all of the coming events of this blog. Ok, here we go!

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